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Mildred Marguerite

Clay Polymer Dangle Earrings: Lily-A

Clay Polymer Dangle Earrings: Lily-A

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Why You Will Love It

You will be getting a unique piece of jewelry. All earrings are handcrafted - small batch and slow made.


Product Details

Material: Lightweight Polymer Clay and Gold Plated Stainless Steel Ear Wire

Style: Fall Three Leaf Dangle

Color: Hazelnut, Maple, and Olive 

Approximate Dimensions: 2.25in Length

SKU: Lily-A

Earring Care

As all earrings are handmade, so please treat them as wearable art. Be careful not to bend or squish them. Do not wear them in the bath/shower or to bed. If they require a gentle clean, please use a damp cloth rather than chemicals.

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